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Bryson takes to ‘Streets of Bournemouth’

15 April 2008

Bill Bryson A world-famous author has become Patron of BU’s ‘Streets of Bournemouth’ project.

Bill Bryson, the best-selling American author, will serve as Patron of our ‘Streets of Bournemouth’ project over the next two and a half years.

The project – managed by BU and Bournemouth Borough Council – was recently awarded a major grant of £440,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This funding will help BU to create a new ‘virtual museum’ of Bournemouth in time for the town’s 200th birthday.

Bryson previously lived in the Bournemouth area, working as a journalist for the Daily Echo. In 2005, he received an Honorary Doctorate from BU, and returned to the University a year later to take part in a special evening to honour his life and work.

As part of his involvement in ‘Streets of Bournemouth’, Bryson is calling on members of the community to offer their services as volunteers to help develop content for the unique online museum.

Bryson said: “I am very pleased to serve as Patron for the ‘Streets of Bournemouth’. Bournemouth has a rich and varied history and its preservation via the internet will make that history accessible to audiences around the world.

“I’m pleased that the plan for cultivating ‘Streets of Bournemouth’ over the coming months places such a strong emphasis on the community.”

“The project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people of Bournemouth to participate in the creation of the town’s first centralised history of the town. I strongly encourage volunteers from the local area to step forward and help develop the materials that will make this virtual museum such a valuable contribution to the history of Bournemouth.”

If, like Bill Bryson, you would like to be part of the ‘Streets of Bournemouth’ development team please email Patricia Gargan, or phone 01202 965476. Alternatively, contact the Bournemouth Heritage Zone on 01202 454844.

All ages and backgrounds are welcome, and volunteers will be given training by experts in these fields.

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