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Graduates’ film to be released on DVD and iTunes

27 June 2012

Oliver Milburn directing Two BU graduates to have their debut film released on DVD and iTunes in July.

Two BU graduates are getting their debut film, The Harsh Light of Day, released on DVD and iTunes on July 23.

The film was directed by Emma Biggins, an MA Producing Film and Television graduate and Oliver Milburn, an MA Directing Digital Film and Television graduate. It premiered at the Cinequest International film festival in San Jose, California.

Emma spoke to BU news, saying: “Both Ollie and I are absolutely thrilled that all our hard work has paid off, and are looking forward to promoting the film and seeing it sell around the world. With further projects in development, we hope it will really give a boost to our careers and towards establishing ourselves in the industry.”

She added, “It’s going to be surreal seeing our film on the shelf in our local Tesco and HMV!”

‘The Harsh light of Day’ is due to be released on DVD and iTunes on July 23.

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