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BU conference celebrates world of sound

Pete Nash from SADiE and Sounding Out organisers Prof Sean Street and Dr Alain Renaud

Bournemouth University (BU) hosts international conference ‘Sounding Out 5’

Bournemouth University was awash with respected names from the world of sound as it hosted the fifth international Sounding Out conference.

Keynote speakers covered a range of topics from radio production to electro-composition, alongside an exhibition of sound and the SADiE 6 software launch.

Professor Sean Street, who organised the conference with Dr Alain Renaud, said: “Most conferences have one keynote speaker. Sounding Out has six. The reason for that is the diversity of sound”. Sean continued: “We have Kaye Mortley, who gave a mesmeric keynote this morning about radio art, or the film that goes on behind the eyes”.

Dirk Maggs shared his expertise on cinematic sound and its use in radio entertainment. Dirk famously recreated ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ for BBC radio in 2003-05, and pioneered the use of Dolby surround sound amongst other achievements.

Dirk said: “When you come together at Sounding Out you’re meeting people who are working in pure sound, who are literally sculpting sound and making artistic pieces […] I’m immediately finding out where people are at and what they’re doing and that’s going to inform what I’m doing in the future”.

Fellow keynote, Professor Chris Chafe from Stanford University, California, presented a fascinating talk entitled, ‘Making Music in Data-rich Environments’.  Chris spoke of his research with doctors, scientists and film makers, outlining how music can be used as a means of interpreting data.

The action packed conference also saw Prism Sound launch their latest software edition, SADiE 6. Consultant Pete Nash explained: “SADiE has had a strong relationship with Bournemouth University for many years”. He continued: “Bournemouth is so well respected in the BBC and various other places. We really want to support them as much as we can, so the least we can do is to come and actually launch it and hand it over to them before anyone else”.

Delegates choosing to take time out from the action enjoyed the innovative exhibition in the University’s atrium gallery, which used surround sound and visual techniques to a captivating effect. The selection of installations are open the public until 25 September.

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