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Anthea Innes talks Dementia on BBC Radio Solent

11 September 2012

Anthea Innes, Director of Bournemouth University’s Dementia Institute (BUDI) was a special guest on BBC Radio Solent’s Breakfast Show on Monday 10 September. She was invited to give her expert view on a news story declaring Dorset the county with the lowest rate of diagnosed dementia in the UK.

The news story suggests that diagnosis of dementia is less likely in Dorset when compared to other parts of the UK.

Speaking to BBC Radio Solent’s Julian Clegg, Anthea Innes said, “There is a lack of awareness with dementia generally and people are quite reluctant to come forward if they have a problem - there is still a stigma.”

Anthea continued, “There is a complex array of reasons why people don’t get a diagnosis. Research shows that there is a lower rate of diagnosis in rural regions.”

Bournemouth University’s Dementia Institute (BUDI) hopes to raise awareness of dementia and remove the stigma that surrounds it through the quality of its research.

Monday 10 September also sees BUDI host a Carers’ Forum; a chance to bring carers together and hear their experiences of dealing with dementia. The forum will offer an honest look at the issues faced by dementia sufferers and how they can be addressed through research and training, helping to ground BUDI’s research with public engagement.

You can listen to the Breakfast broadcast for seven days through BBC’s iPlayer service.

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