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Good students become good neighbours

Students' Union representatives with officers from Dorset Police.

A new DVD produced by the Students' Union and Dorset Police will help to bring students and neighbours closer together.

The Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU) in conjunction with the Dorset Police has launched a DVD aimed at students to highlight issues like anti-social behaviour, litter and noise.

The DVD is aimed at improving community relations and will be shown to students at BU and the neighbouring Arts University College Bournemouth as part of their freshers’ week induction.

Filming of the DVD involved the Students’ Union at the Arts University College Bournemouth, local residents and officers from the Universities’ Safer Neighbourhood Team who stepped in front of the camera to recreate scenarios that could cause tension between students and their neighbours.

Members of the Neighbourhood Team, recently launched by Dorset Police, will attend student events and hold regular Street Corner Meetings and Surgeries to communicate more closely with university students and staff.

PC Andy Scarratt, of the Universities’ Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “In the past, the beginning of term has brought with it an increase in calls about anti-social behaviour and noise. We hope this DVD will encourage students to respect their neighbours and make them more aware of their obligations towards the community.
“However, we are also committed to keeping students safe and tackling their concerns, with help of our local authority partners.”

Toby Horner, SUBU President added: "We'd like to help students build a positive relationship with their neighbours right from the start and hope that alongside our resident contact cards, the screening of the video will provide the first crucial steps in helping students and local residents to live amongst each other harmoniously. Police presence on campus is also great for helping student with tackling tricky problems and is great for providing a friendly face for residents and students to turn to if relations with each other become hostile."

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