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NUS Student of the Year and Olympic Torch bearer

11 July 2012

Lisa Marshall with the torch Double delight for BU student as she carries the Olympic Torch and wins the NUS Endsleigh Student of the Year.

Lisa Marshall, a 2nd year Psychology student from Bournemouth University (BU) carried the Olympic Torch on 5 July in Lowestoft, Suffolk. On the previous evening she was voted the NUS Endsleigh Student of the Year.

She said of her double success: “I don’t think both achievements will ever sink in, I just try to live my life to the full and positively impact on as many other people as possible, to have the recognition for this is greatly appreciated but what motivates me most is helping individuals and watching them achieve their goals. I cannot put the feeling into words what it was like to carry the Olympic Torch - it was a true mixture of excitement, pride, anticipation and nervousness. It all went by like a dream and it didn’t feel like it was actually me carrying it.”

Lisa was nominated to carry the torch by her mother whilst she was recovering from spinal surgery. Her mother stated in her nomination that “Lisa gives her time to others through volunteering whilst studying at Bournemouth University, despite having had three major surgeries in the last four years”.

Lisa has cerebral palsy, and has had hip resurfacing on both of her hips. In July 2011 she had an operation to have her spine fused, with rods and screws right from the bottom of her neck to her pelvis.

She was nominated for the Olympic Torch because of her determination to come to university and study with the aim of becoming an educational psychologist. She has also volunteered a lot of her time whilst at Bournemouth University, as a reading buddy in a local school and as a positive role model in a school in her home town, which had a number of special educational needs pupils. At the end of her first year Lisa was nominated for, and won the, “Volunteer of the Year” award at BU.

Lisa said “I am currently studying at Bournemouth University to become an educational psychologist in order to help others with disabilities in the future. I believe this is important because while overt discrimination has dramatically decreased, there is still a need for people with disabilities to be present in the community as active citizens in order to decrease people's misconceptions.”

Murray Simpson, from The Students’ Union at Bournemouth University said: “I think it goes without saying that SUBU is incredibly proud that one of our students has won such a prestigious award, and congratulates Lisa Marshall on all her successes during her time at Bournemouth University. We would also like to thank her for having such a heavy involvement in the Students Union, sitting as a Trustee, taking an active part in a number of clubs and societies, and proving to be a true role model to students everywhere”.

She plans to use the Olympic Torch to inspire future generations: “I am also using my torch to visit people from my past and inspire others. I have visited my old senior school (aged 11-18) and local primary schools.”

Watch Sarah Newell explain why Lisa was chosen as the NUS Endsleigh Student of the Year in the video below.

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