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BU uses Augmented Reality to explain the Clearing process

14 August 2012

Aurasma mobile phone application logo Bournemouth University’s Clearing campaign is stepping into a whole new world this year, thanks to the addition of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Used as part of the recently launched BU Clearing newspaper, the technology allows readers to view exclusive content with the use of the free Aurasma mobile phone application and marks the first time the technology has been used by the university.

Users can download the App for free from their respective app store and then using the search function search for “The Bournemouth University Clearing 2012 Channel”, then register for free.

Then all you have to do click the subscribe to channel option, return to the main screen and hold your phone over the image, tapping to allow the camera to focus. A whole new world of content will open up, helping to explain the Clearing process.

Click here to download for Android phones.

Click here to download for iphone and ipad.

Bournemouth University's Clearing newspaper.

Visit the Aurasma website.

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