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BU’s Head of Marketing talks to The Times about UCAS Extra

7 March 2012

An image of newspapers BU’s Head of Marketing discusses the benefits of UCAS Extra in The Times.

With a dash for places on the most commendable courses following the new payment structure of higher education, UCAS faces the need for greater flexibility.

UCAS Extra is a service for students who may have used up all their application choices and are still without an offer, or have declined all offers made to them.

Victoria Bel Gill, Head of UK marketing and student recruitment at BU told The Times why students may want to use UCAS Extra:

“We get people applying who have changed their minds. Maybe they wanted to do graphics and now they want to do journalism. Maybe they have decided that the world has changed and they should change with it.”

Victoria also explained that Extra applicants are treated in the exact same way as applicants from the traditional route:

“We aim to turn around applications in two to three weeks. Extra applicants are treated in the same way as other applicants. People who go through Extra, rather than waiting for clearing, experience less of a panic and have more time to make decisions and plan.”

Extra allows the applicant to see all courses which have vacancies, and is open between the end of February until early July.

Read the full article (PDF 505kb).

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