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Kip Jones in Times Higher Education

6 January 2012

Times Higher Education logo BU’s Kip Jones has had his work featured in an article by Times Higher Education.

Leader of the Performative Social Science (PSS) Group at the School of Health and Social Care, Kip Jones, has appeared in THE.

The article ‘Big-screen vision breaks academic boundaries’ explains how through researching the work of developmental psychologist Klaus Riegel and American social psychologist Kenneth Gergen, Dr Jones realised that the two attended the same event in West Virginia in 1976.

From this Jones imagined a train journey the two could have shared and the conversation that could have occurred on the journey.

He then presented his "dialogue which never happened" as an audiovisual piece at the Free University of Berlin in 2002 in the presence of Kenneth and Mary Gergen. This has now been re-worked as a film script ‘On a train from Morgantown’ and was published in a special issue of Psychological Studies devoted to Professor Gergen’s career.

Dr Kip Jones said: "Reading a few film scripts, I realised that their formulaic brevity leaves more engage the reader's imagination in the content of the dialogue than in standard 'academic' writings".

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