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Meyrick Christmas

19 December 2011

BU students at Meyrick Park Bournemouth University (BU) students help make Meyrick Park a safer place.

Students from BU have been working with Dorset Police and the Parks Department of Bournemouth Borough Council to help make Meyrick Park a safer public area.

The Meyrick Park Conservation Project has been running since October with  volunteers from BU helping  to clear Holly and Rhododendron from the woodland area, reinstating existing but slightly lost paths and planting endemic species of wild flowers suitable for the woodland floor.

Richard Hesketh, PR and Volunteers Officer, Bournemouth Parks said: “The aim of the clearance is twofold  -  to try and rid the area of certain anti-social activities for which the woods are infamous; and to improve the habitat for flora and fauna. The students have done a fantastic amount of work so far, and are more than doing their bit to improve a local area both for its residents and the wildlife.”

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