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Evolution: Elisabeth Frink and the next generation

3 May 2012

Frink art BU to house Frink and other contemporary artists exhibition.

Evolution, a unique and extraordinary exhibition showing artworks by Elisabeth Frink, one of Britain's most famous female sculptors, alongside acclaimed contemporary artists, is on show at Bournemouth University (BU) throughout the year.

It is accompanied by an exciting series of smaller exhibitions in the Atrium Gallery which highlight the fascinating developments in the way that contemporary artists find their inspiration and play with ideas through the use of traditional and non-traditional materials.

The second Atrium Gallery exhibition, ‘Printmaking & drawing’ runs until Saturday 30 June 2012 and is open Mon – Sat, 9am – 6pm. It showcases contemporary drawings and original prints including pencil and ink on paper, carborundum, etchings, linocuts and screen prints.

Martyn Brewster is inspired by the natural landscape and local seascapes, producing relief and silkscreen prints in colourist and abstract works.

Ursula Leach lives and works on Cranborne Chase and her carborundum prints reflect on the agricultural landscape and the shapes & forms found in the Dorset environment.

Duff Pearce produces linocuts and drawings based on harbour scenes and the human figure. His considered draftmanship includes geometric patterns and design.

Julia Polonski works on large scale charcoal drawings depicting relationships with the human body. Her ink on paper drawings shows spontaneous mark making.

Joy Shepherd has established a style for linocut prints particularly of the rooks and natural activity found in her immediate location in Dorset.

There are many exciting opportunities to work with these artists in workshops and events throughout the year long project.

For more information on the displays, please contact:
Julie Herring, BU Curator; or for information of workshops, contact Laura Proctor, Arts Administrator.

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