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The Times paints BU graduate as face of overseas success

23 February 2012

An image of the article (click to enlarge) BU Computer Animation graduate featured in an article in The Times on UK graduates who work abroad.

A BU Computer Animation graduate appeared in The Times last week as the face of English graduates who are talent spotted to work abroad.

Dan Sheerin moved from London to Los Angeles in 2006, six years after graduating from BU, after being approached by Sony Pictures Imageworks, who are based in California.

Originally only planning to stay for two years until the end of his contract with Sony, Dan has now been living in LA for six years and has no plans on returning to the UK just yet. Indebting his balanced workload, lifestyle and being close to the heart of the industry in LA to his decision to stay Dan advises graduates:

“Regardless of what financial benefits you are offered or whether you are relocating alone or with others, it is all well worth it. Working in the US and in particular Los Angeles, is a great experience. People come here from all over with the intention of a short stay and are still here. LA somehow seems to offer a great life.”

According to the article, a survey of 15,000 students by trendence Graduate Barometer carried out last year revealed that 50% of UK students would consider going abroad for a job, with the USA being the top choice.

Dan goes on to say UK graduates have a good standing abroad, and insight into practicalities:

“Brits seem to do well in the US due to our reputation of having excellent technical and engineering backgrounds. Work experience helps a lot with attaining a work visa but luckily graduates get additional credit towards their experience to make this process easier.”

He also credits the NCCA for his, and many other of his fellow students, success:

“BU and especially the NCCA catapulted me into the VFX industry and I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking such an industry focused course. There is such a high reputation for NCCA graduates in the industry. The head hunting starts at or even before graduation. NCCA graduates are scattered all over the world and it’s amazing how frequently we cross paths and work together. The NCCA deserves a lot of credit for a lot of successful careers.”

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