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Outstanding students win £1,500 to help market local disability group

2 April 2012

Chatterbox logo BU students will help promote the Chatterbox team and their magazine

A group of final year Bournemouth University BA Hons Advertising students have won £1,500 from the University for their project to promote Chatterbox. The local disability group publishes a magazine for young people living with a disability and the BU students had to come up with a strategy to help promote this.

Poppy Sargeaunt, Youth Disability Coordinator at the YMCA, said:

"We gave students the brief that we wanted to make more young people with disabilities aware of the magazine and the students had to come up with an idea of how to market it."

The winning team Edward Terry, Alex Smith, Delphine Dubreucq and Jamie Compton-Hall took on the project as part of a unit in Social Communications. They have organised a promotional event in Bournemouth Square which will be held on 4 April. Edward Terry described the team's plans:

"We will have the YMCA bus that people can come aboard and Chatterbox members will explain all about the group and showcase some of their work. Surrounding the bus will be hundreds of multi-coloured balloons, each with a business card or flier about the organisation and also filled with confetti."

He continued that members of the public will be encouraged to pop the balloons with cocktail sticks: "This will cause an explosion of colour from the confetti and leave them with the card or flier which they can take home to remind them to visit the Chatterboxes website."

The team of students have also digitized the project by creating a youtube channel and commissioning a video about the group.

The magazine is currently fully financially supported by Bournemouth Borough council and Bournemouth YMCA.

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