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Bournemouth University Dementia Institute (BUDI)

20 September 2012

An image of the Dementia Institue team Dementia Institute goes from strength to strength

BUDI was launched on May 16 this year, with a public meeting on dementia attended by older people, carers, clinicians, care workers and professionals and students.

The idea for the Institute came about when Professor Anthea Innes took up post at Bournemouth University in December 2011, and is based on local interest and demand for dementia education, research, service evaluation and consultancy.

Dorset has the lowest rate of diagnosis of dementia in the UK, and - despite examples of local innovation in Dorset - there is much to be done to improve the care and support offered to people with dementia and their families.

This starts with ensuring people are given an accurate and timely diagnosis but also that they are signposted to support throughout their journey with dementia, up to end of life care.

Carers have responded positively to the launch of the Bournemouth University Dementia Institute (BUDI) and the work that has been done so far.

A carers’ forum was held on September 10, and shared their experiences and views on the dementia priorities that BUDI should consider in taking forward their work.

Bournemouth University responded by funding the Institute’s creation and dementia is now an emerging priority at BU.

Ongoing work includes two projects commissioned by Bournemouth Borough Council - firstly, the Cupcake Club, which is offered over the summer to people with dementia at home or in Extra Care Housing sand seeks to promote mental, social and physical activity.

The second project focuses on technology for people with dementia, engaging them with products like the Nintendo Wii and Apple iPad to promote a sense of fun and play.

Colleagues in the Schools of Health and Social Care and Tourism are working on a project to explore the experiences of people with dementia at tourism and leisure attractions, and finding out what Dorset-based tourism providers are doing, or would like to do, to promote dementia friendly tourism.

So far, 39 staff from across the university have signed up to an interest in dementia - creating an exciting opportunity for a truly inter-disciplinary way of working.

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