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Seen But Seldom Heard and National Poetry Day

4 October 2012

Performers inspire the audience at the landmark poetry event.

Innovative poetry project Seen But Seldom Heard is back next week as it makes another appearance, this time at Bridport Open Book Festival on Wednesday 10 October. The poetry event features inspiring performances from young people from the Victoria Education Centre, alongside legendary poets Liv Torc and Johnny Fluffypunk.

The project, developed by Bournemouth University academics Wendy Cutts and Carrie Hodges, has seen great success with previous performances in Weymouth and at BU, the latter attended by Bournemouth MP Tobias Ellwood.

Tickets for the Bridport event can be purchased in advance by on the Bridport Open Book Festival Website.

The timing of the event is apt as today is National Poetry Day and to celebrate, Annie Caldwell, Drama and Creative Arts teacher at Victoria Education Centre, has written a poem to celebrate the hard work and dedication of her students:

It's National Poetry Day today,
So make your point and have your say
Through limerick or couplet rhyme,
Now come on you can find the time
Or if you can't, just spare a thought
For those who have had time and brought
A myriad of verse and rhyme
Through voice, through Dynavox and sign
To the attention of the few,
Who have taken time to view
Them on the You Tube link or stage,
Read them on the written page.
So please be kind and spread the word,
Of voices 'Seen But Seldom Heard'
With facebook friends please share the link,
Ask them to 'comment' what they think.
The greater interest we can show
The better this campaign will go!
We want our project on TV!
For all of the UK to see
What our young poets have to say
About their lives from day to day

So take a moment, spread the word
Of voices, 'Seen But Seldom Heard'

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