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Learning whilst earning

7 June 2012

Writing BU’s Rosie Cullen speaks to The I about the benefits of part-time learning.

Not everyone wanting to undertake post graduate study has the time and resources to put into a full time course.

Rosie Cullen, Programme Leader for MA Screenwriting spoke to ‘The I’ about part-time learning, and the benefits it can have.

She said: “Flexible learning really favours post graduate study, we are not asking people to re-locate; they can undertake a programme like this and manage it alongside their working lives.”

The MA Screenwriting course at BU offers regular online teaching and one to one phone or Skype conversations with tutors, as well as four, five day intensive residential teaching blocks.

Rosie warns that distance learning is not an easy ride, and requires a lot of dedication and commitment, not to mention hard work.

She said “it is very much about self-dedicated learning and realistically managing your time. There is a lot of reading, researching and planning essays for example. Students need to be committed and manage their study time. It is important to have a realistic idea of how you are going to create a dedicated space within your own life to work.”

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