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Bournemouth voices can be heard in Westminster

22 August 2011

Mr Bercow (right) with BU Vice-Chancellor Professor John Vinney (centre) with members of the local community who attended the Bournemouth 2026 event at BU Speaker of the UK Parliament urges Bournemouth to make its voice heard.

The Speaker of the UK Parliament urges people in Bournemouth to make their voices heard - all the way to Westminster.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has urged people from the Bournemouth area to lobby their MPs, join demonstrations and engage with their local newspaper as ways of shaping decision-making at local, national and global levels.

The Right Honourable John Bercow MP was speaking during an event at Bournemouth University organised by The Bournemouth 2026 Partnership.

“If you think priorities locally are wrong, get to know your local councillor, engage with organisations using the internet, go on demonstrations and use local newspapers to get your views across,” Mr Bercow encouraged. “And use your local MP as your resource and champion – your national voice.”

Organisations from across the area including the Chinese Cultural Society, the Youth Parliament, West Howe Community Enterprises and Faithworks joined staff and students at the event on the University’s Talbot Campus. Attendees ask questions about local, national and global decision making to Mr Bercow and a panel which included Cllr Peter Charon, Leader of Bournemouth Borough Council, and Jeffrey Newman, UK Director of the Earth Charter.

The Speaker also took time during his visit to praise BU and its Centre for Global Perspectives which assisted in hosting the event.

“It’s genuinely a great pleasure to be here at Bournemouth University,” Mr Bercow enthused.  “I’m full of admiration for what the University is doing.

“It’s a real trailblazer and has terrific strengths,” he continued.  “It’s thriving and it’s going to continue to thrive.”

Speaking after the event, Conor Burns, MP for Bournemouth West and constituency representative for BU, said: “There is a strong local determination to bring about positive changes for the community and the environment. This event has helped educate people about the workings of Government and parliament and to highlight ways to get their voices heard.”

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