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sportBU hosts its first Raveminton tournament

2 April 2012

Students playing raveminton BU students compete in the inaugural tournament

Wearing their finest rave attire BU students took part in sportBU's first Raveminton doubles Tournament.

Taking place under UV lights in the sports hall at BU the event incorporated short, sharp timed games adding a further rave element to the tournament. Using UV fluorescent glow tape and paint the rackets, shuttlecocks nets and courts were all lit up by the UV lights.

Chris Dear, Badminton Officer at BU said "This event is to allow students to participate in badminton but in a way never seen before. It allows students to express themselves and be creative whilst, at the same time, obtaining all the benefits derived from sport."

The winners on the night were Ambrish Gokuldas and Ravi Krishna, who won a two player badminton set.

There were also prizes for best dressed and best celebration which went to Jon Quaif and Daniel O'Kane and Dot Mooney and Liz Roberts respectively.

There are now plans in place for another, bigger Raveminton tournament in the near future.

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