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You and Yours with Julian Worricker

28 August 2012

An image of Postgraduate Media School students at BU BU postgraduate student talks to BBC Radio 4 about how she is doing her degree long distance and online.

The 21st August broadcast of ‘You and Yours’ on BBC Radio 4 focused on the value of higher education and the alternative, more flexible ways in which you can study.

Clare Pollard teaches English and Media Studies at GCSE and A-Level at a school in London, she is also doing a Master’s degree in Creative and Media Education long distance and online through Bournemouth University.

She managed call in to the programme to talk about the social aspect of a course like hers, and how even though it was online and long-distance, you still did not lose the valuable help, discussion and input from other students.

Claire told the presenter, “One unique thing that works really well is that at the start of every unit we have a residential, so people will come from all over the country, from China, Australia, Canada... and then we spend a weekend together and then the rest of it is done online, which means that there is a kind of informal, collaborative atmosphere in the online environment.”

Pollard is just one example of the increasing number of students who use online and independent resources to do a degree or other further qualifications while working full time and gaining valuable experience. Her course details can be found in our Course Search pages.

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