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Vice-Chancellor John Vinney in The Telegraph

28 September 2012

Vice-chancellor John Vinney was interviewed in The Telegraph, for an article about what makes a university ‘better’.

The article, written by Jessica Moore, suggests that the rise in tuition fees means prospective students should look at more than surveys and league tables when trying to find the right university for them.

“No university is better than any other – each offers something different,” John Vinney said, adding that when it comes to universities, “one size does not fit all.”

The article mentions Bournemouth University’s Queen’s Anniversary Prize win in 2011 for world-leading excellence and pioneering development in computer animation, and John Vinney states that the university has “one of the best media schools in the world.”

He adds: “Prospective students should have the freedom to choose which type of university suits them best,”

“It is time for us to challenge this deep-seated notion that one type of university is 'better’ than another.

“The most important question is, which university is the best fit for you?”

The article also features Lucy Millett, who is doing a marketing degree at Bournemouth University.

Lucy achieved straight A*s in her A-Levels and says her teachers wanted her to apply to Oxbridge universities.

But, she says, “I didn’t want to go into a job feeling I knew an awful lot about books but not a great deal about the business.”

Her degree at Bournemouth University has a sandwich year, and she is now doing a year-long placement in creative marketing for Warner Bros, which the university helped her to find.

“My parents were supportive of my decision. They were impressed by the relationship Bournemouth has with industry,” said Lucy.

“With any course, you get out what you put in. I’ve been really pleased with mine. It’s vocational, but with bits of economics and psychology, so I haven’t had to give up on the academic subjects. I feel I’ve definitely made the right decision for me.”

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