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BU 100+ Directory in The Times

29 June 2012

BU 100+ Directory BU’s 100+ Media Directory featured in an article in The Times.

In May 2012 Bournemouth University launched the BU 100+ Media Directory. This contains a selection of our top academics with their fields of expertise and contact details. Journalists can then call upon them for informed comment, news analysis or education insight for any article or broadcast they might be working on. We have a version online and also printed the directory.

There was a launch party for the printed directory in London and copies were sent out to journalists across the land. A copy landed on the desk of Edward Fennell from The Times. He wrote in the paper on 28 June: “As insiders know, the media school at Bournemouth University is outstanding. It’s full of ex-pros and recently won a Queen’s Anniversary Award. In short, it’s very cool all round.”

He then went on to describe the Media Directory as a thick, retro reporter’s notebook saying that is was “an interesting (albeit risky) shift away from reliance on its website. Every page features one of the university’s ‘Top 100’ experts, with all their credentials attractively laid out.”

He recommends the format as something that lawyer could produce to promote their partners, ending the article: “If you are confident enough then this is a lovely chunky way of telling your clients about your partners. It's counterintuitive, but sometimes that is where you want to be.”

If you want a copy to land on your desk, please contact James Donald,, 01202 961032.

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