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Education agents visit Bournemouth & Poole

International Education Forum visitors

BU welcomed a group of international education agents during their recent visit to the UK.

The International Education Forum (IEF) of Bournemouth & Poole welcomed a group of education agents from around the world during a revent visit to the UK.  

The agents, who send students to a range of education providers in Bournemouth and Poole including Bournemouth University, took part in a variety of activities organised by the offices of both Bournemouth & Poole Tourism.  The objective of the visit was to invite agents who had never been to Bournemouth or Poole before to become more familiar with this part of the UK as a study destination. 

The visit included a working lunch at BU where the agents were given a presentation of the study opportunities and a tour of the Talbot Campus. 

As well as visiting other local education providers, the agents were given a sightseeing tour of the area and were VIP guests at the Bournemouth Air Festival.

BU invited Phan Thi Trang Dai from our leading agency office in Vietnam, ISC-UKEAS.

Ms Dai commented that “this has been a very useful trip to get to know more about the Bournemouth and Poole area.  Whist I had a good understanding of Bournemouth University’s courses prior to the trip, I feel that I now have a much better idea of the study experience of the students I refer to  Bournemouth University.  It is such a beautiful place!” 

The International Education Forum is a consortium of local education providers in the Higher Education, Further Education and language school sectors as well as the offices of Tourism from both Poole and Bournemouth Councils.  Bournemouth University is a founding member of the Forum which was set up in 2000.

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