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Professor David Osselton opinion article in The Times

3 May 2012

Professor David Osselton Professor David Osselton features in The Times discussing the closure of the Forensic Science Service.

Professor David Osselton, Head of Forensic Sciences at BU wrote in The Times an opinion feature on the future after the closure of the Forensic Science Service (FSS).

He praised the experience of the FSS – he was formerly their Head of Toxicology – and wrote: “Scientific research and complex laboratory analysis is costly, but what is the true cost of closing our leading provider of forensic science? Some 1,600 jobs were reportedly lost; but in true forensic terms, that equates to thousands of years of specialist experience.”

He then pointed out that, although rare, allegations of miscarriages of justice arising from scientific examination and/or interpretation were directed at the FSS. “If this can occur in a highly experienced and quality-driven body, what is the potential for miscarriages of justice with less experienced providers?”

Professor David Osselton also chairs the United Kingdom and Ireland Association of Forensic Toxicologists.

Read the whole article on page 51 of The Times on 3 May, or you can read it online.

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