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Intel takes on 13 placement students from Bournemouth University

8 May 2012

An Intel representative at the BU Careers Fair Thirteen BU students to join the Intel team as placement students in 2012.

Bournemouth University is proud to announce that thirteen students will be joining the Intel team as placement students in 2012, a higher number of students hired than any other UK University.

BU students will take on a range of job roles including IT, Finance and marketing and events.

Stephanie Lee, Account Manager at Intel UK comments “We are grateful that the Placement/Career Office at Bournemouth University is encouraging their students to consider Intel as an employer of choice when searching for placement providers.”

She continues “This year has been a fantastic year where we have received plenty of Bournemouth Uni applications for our placement scheme and we have successfully hired 13 students in various placement opportunities. We are searching for a set of key competencies for each placement and this year, the highest number of students hired comes from Bournemouth University!”

Placement years are now offered to all BU students, providing a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in their chosen industry. Students have found that having this experience has proved invaluable when looking for graduate employment.

Intel had nearly 300 applications for the various positions that they offer students.

Intel recently invited the School of Design, Engineering and Computing to a placements day at Intel UK in Swindon. Dr Richard Gunstone, a Lecturer who took a group of students to the event, said "Placements can offer an opportunity for students to enhance their employability prospects, where knowledge can be applied, work skills can be gained and networks of professional contacts can be developed. Students at this particular event gained a privileged insight into the opportunities at one of the best known brands in computing".

For further information on BU’s placement and careers service, visit the Student Portal.

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