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Honorary doctorate for innovative engineer

Professor William Penny

Dorset businessman and pioneering engineer, Professor William Penny, is honoured for his lifetime's work.

Internationally-acclaimed engineer, Professor William Penny CBE, has received an Honorary Doctorate from Bournemouth University.

Professor Penny, co-founder of Dorset-based aerospace and industrial technology company Penny & Giles, was made an Honorary Doctor of Technology. He received the award during the University’s annual award ceremony for the School of Design, Engineering & Computing held at the Bournemouth International Centre.

Professor Penny is an entrepreneur in the field of measurement and control. He is, perhaps, best known for his leading role in developing the ‘black box’ flight recorder which has contributed immensely to the safety of air travel. Professor Penny also served the University as a former member of the Board.

University Orator, Alan Hunt, described Professor Penny as someone who has “led by expertise and example with much emphasis on teamwork and achievement.” Professor Penny’s pursuit of excellence throughout his long and distinguished career was also praised as was his consistent promotion of links between the engineering industry and education.

BU Professor Mark Hadfield responded on Professor Penny’s behalf, thanking the University for a “great honour” and praising his colleagues from Penny & Giles.
“It requires great skill and endeavour from a whole team to convert ideas and designs into a viable industrial enterprise,” Professor Hadfield continued. “I consider this award to be a tribute to my many colleagues with whom I was privileged to work over the course of 50-plus years and to whom I owe so much.” 

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