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BU’s Multimedia Journalism MA provides skills for wide range of careers

27 July 2012

By Maisie Gibson.

Sue Wallace, the programme coordinator of Bournemouth University’s multimedia journalism MA, was interviewed by the i newspaper on the current evolution of journalism. The article extolled the virtues of an MA qualification – its inclusion of the latest technology means the course appears infinitely useful to employers. In the interview Sue Wallace reveals that “We’ve had students go into jobs where they’ve been the innovators because they’ve known the most about technology and multimedia skills; they’ve helped the organisation do new things.”

It has come to light that the field of Journalism is becoming increasingly complex, and a further qualification in journalism could be an invaluable addition to any skills set. Once qualified, students could obtain jobs in anything from law to producing to PR. Sue Wallace told journalist Russ Thorne: “lines between different kinds of media have become increasingly blurred. Having a range of skills makes you more agile and more able to work across different mediums.”

Sue Wallace then went on to say that she has found that academic benefits are not the only good things to come from a MA qualification. When making headway in any area communication skills are key, and any contacts are bound to be useful. The journalism course provides “a lot of interaction with people, as well as traditional skills like research and dealing with large amounts of information. Plus, you make a lot of new friends and useful contacts.” So the i newspaper concluded that should you be looking for a new career, a change of direction, or just an extra dose of employability, then an MA in Journalism could be the way to go.

Maisie Gibson, 17, is a student at Budmouth College in Weymouth who is working at Bournemouth University in the Press and PR Department. She joined BU on a Sir Samuel Mico Scholarship, which provides 10 students from her college with essential work experience for four weeks over the summer. For further details about the scholarship can be seen online.

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