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BU figures it out on National Student Finance Day

9 November 2011

Money BU offers free information session on student fees as part of National Student Finance Day.

Bournemouth University (BU) is playing a key role in ensuring students are clear on the costs of going to university in 2012 and is praised by consumer expert Martin Lewis in the process.

As part of National Student Finance Day on Monday 14 November, BU is running a free information session where prospective students, their parents and family, careers advisers and teachers can learn more about how the new student finance package will work. The session runs from 5.30-7.30pm.

As part of the event on Monday evening, attendees will get the opportunity to view a video produced by BU. Facts About Fees has been praised by the Independent Task Force for Student Finance Information, which includes UCAS and is headed up by consumer expert and media commentator, Martin Lewis ( who “loves” the video.

Facts About Fees is now part of the national communications campaign headed up by Martin. He’ll be launching a mobile app – Guide to Student Finance in England 2012 – which gives students a one-stop shop for fees information, including the video. The app is available via iTunes from Monday 14 November.

Nicola Murray-Fagan from BU’s Student Recruitment team says: “Several thousand people have watched the fees video so far.  It’s a creative, fun video with a serious message. We are really proud and delighted to see Martin get behind it as it’s a great way to help students understand the new finance system.”

“As well as the video, our event on Monday 14 November will also be a great chance to talk one to one with colleagues from BU about your own concerns on going to university in 2012.”

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