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11 October 2012

A new games degree at Bournemouth University was the subject of an article in Edge, the leading magazine for the games industry.

BU plans to introduce a BSc (Hons) Game Programming degree course next October, which will focus almost exclusively on the programming side of developing games and will give students the choice to specialise in coding after completing a common first year with BSc (Hons) Games Technology undergraduates.

The article - called ‘Get into Games: games job focus crucial as Bournemouth Uni prepares new degree’ - states that there is a “growing appetite” for courses at Bournemouth.

Dr Christos Gatzidis, who is responsible for Bournemouth University’s Games Technology degree, said: “We are very employment focused. But at the same time, especially in the current climate, we are looking at the demands from students as well.” He added: “What we offer can’t purely be driven by output.”

Dr Gatzidis says that prospective students need to think carefully when picking their degree course, but believes that Bournemouth University has a lot to offer.

“There are a lot of games degrees out there,” he said.

“Applicants need to pick carefully and look at the course content, the reputation of the university, how engaged they are with industry and what past graduates have gone on to do. The more information they get the better. Of course, at Bournemouth we are well placed to meet student expectations.”

He says he believes Bournemouth University “enables students to prepare for both the indie and mainstream career paths” - and the article draws attention to the fact that business skills are a key module in both the undergraduate and Master’s courses, and the fact that the BScs are optional sandwich courses - meaning students can choose to spend a year in industry, working in real-life studios.

Dr Gatzidis added that there are reasons to be “optimistic” when it comes to getting a job in the industry after graduating. “Things seem to be changing domestically too, especially with the introduction of tax breaks next year. That will be better for jobs,” he said.

“Despite the economic situation there are increasing opportunities to start you own company too and work as an indie rather than for other people.”

You can read the article on the Edge website.

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