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Dr Miles Russell gives media insight on Piltdown Man

24 November 2012

As the 100 year anniversary of the Piltdown Man's discovery approaches, Dr Miles Russell has been invited to give his thoughts on one of the UK's biggest hoaxes to several media outlets.

So far, Miles has been invited to speak on BBC Radio 4's Making History and BBC Radio Solent amongst others, giving his theory on the hoax and who was behind it.

Speaking to Making History, Miles said, "Most people like conspiracy theories and with Piltdown it is possible to construct multiple theories based on theories at the time."

Miles Russell has also written a book on the subject, called 'Piltdown Man: Case Closed' where he helps to uncover the mystery of the Piltdown Man and finger the culprit behind the hoax. Miles is also speaking at a National Geological Society event on the 18th December, 100 years to the day since the first announcement. The event will be chaired by Sir David Attenborough and Miles will be invited again to give his thoughts on the subject.

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