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Successful Clearing Media Campaign

7 September 2012

With Clearing almost over, now is the perfect time to reflect on BU’s appearances in the media on the topic of Clearing.

Our media coverage spanned a number of platforms; from television and radio to newspapers and news websites. Karen Pichlmann, Head of Admissions at Bournemouth University, was in demand as she appeared live on BBC South Today, as well as Wave 105 and BBC Radio Solent, to answer questions about our Clearing campaign and to give advice to those applying to university through Clearing. Additionally, John Vinney, BU’s Vice Chancellor, was interviewed by ITV Meridian News talking about universities and their approach to clearing too.

Our Clearing campaign had a unique and eye–catching difference this year, with the arrival of our Wing–Commander character. The Wing–Commander was played by BU’s Digital Campaigns Officer Kris Stevens, and Kris (along with Nicola Murray–Fagan) was interviewed in the Independent and the London Evening Standard about the campaign – and how the Wing Commander’s presence on Social Media websites enhanced the campaign.

Our success in the printed press continued, with appearances by outreach officer Matt Usher in The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Times. These newspapers also provided more coverage on our campaign, with spotlights on BU’s current students, advice on applying through clearing and what to expect when you phone our Clearing hotline – links to a selection of these articles can be found below.

The testimonies of current students who applied to university through Clearing can go a long way in preparing current Clearing applicants. Case studies from Bournemouth University students made the pages of The Independent and The Telegraph. One student, Amber Clabburn, said in The Independent, “People think Clearing is complicated, but that depends what you want and how you end up there. I didn’t find it stressful. By the time I spoke to the admissions tutor, it was clear to us both that this [Marketing course at Bournemouth University] was the right course for me.”

For more information on BU’s media appearances during clearing you can read the following articles:

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