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Jon Wardle appears on BBC Politics Show

17 October 2011

Jon Wardle, Senior Lecturer at BU Jon Wardle, Director for The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice at BU, features on this weeks ‘Politics Show’ on BBC One.

Director for The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice at Bournemouth University, Jonathan Wardle, featured on the South regional segment of this week’s ‘Politics Show’ yesterday on BBC One.

Jon was in the studio to discuss future employment prospects for the students in the UK, following the shocking revelations that unemployment is at its highest amongst young people since 1994 currently.

Jon Wardle admits that there are jobs if students broaden their horizons, stating:

“Most jobs can be found in content production, websites or other types of services.  A lot of students work in Hollywood and Australia. Students are starting to stay in the UK, but we are trying to tell London we are a great talent pipeline so they can identify top talent.”

Philippa Oldham, head of transport at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers co-chaired the interview defending production costs in the UK, saying production is of a better quality and deploys more innovative techniques and that the UK industry has “become lean and very competitive.”

Employment was the word on presenter Peter Henleys lips and the correlation between investment in education, to which John Wardle echoed the Prime Ministers sentiment about not just getting a job but starting your own business, encouraging entrepreneurship.

“We are launching a centre for entrepreneurship at the end of this year encouraging students to start their own businesses.”

If you would like to see Jon’s interview, it’s available for the next few days on the BBC iplayer. The interview begins at about 34 minutes into the programme although it’s worth watching the ‘pre’ elements including a separate interview with government minister Ed Vaizey which lead up to Jon’s appearance.

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