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School of Conservation Sciences

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Conservation Sciences Seminar Programme

(Incorporating the Archaeology Society Seminar Series and the BU Lecture series)

Spring Term 2007


Thursday 18th January Archaeology Society Seminar (Postponed)

Dr Jan Harding (University of Newcastle)

The Neolithic and Bronze Age monument complex of Thornborough, North Yorkshire

Venue: Marconi LT, 7pm

Tuesday 23rd January CS Seminar

Roger Herbert ( Bournemouth University )

Life on the Edge- Effects of Climate Change on Local Marine Ecosystems

Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Thursday 25th January Archaeology Society Seminar

Kate Clark ( Heritage Lottery Fund )

What is heritage and why should we fund it?

Venue: Marconi LT, 7pm

Thursday 25th January BU Lecture Series

Professor Chris Brady ( Bournemouth University )

90-Minute Manager: Business Lessons from the Football Touchline

Venue: Coyne LT, 5.30pm

Tuesday 30th January CS Seminar

David Ball (Bournemouth University)

The Institutional Repository

Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Tuesday 6th February CS Seminar (discussion seminar)

Kayt Armstrong (Bournemouth University)

Venue: CG07, 4.00pm

Tuesday 13th February CS Seminar

Dr Penny Cooke (Bournemouth University)

The 6 billion dollar gold scandal - Busang Gold, a tale of death, greed and forensic geology.

Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Tuesday 20th February CS Seminar

Paul Cheetham ( Bournemouth University )

Geophysics – divergence, human decay dynamics and case studies

Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Thursday 22nd February BU Lecture Series

Professor Matthew Bennett ( Bournemouth University )

The Oldest American? Footprints from the Past

Venue: TBC, 5.30pm

Tuesday 27th February CS Seminar

Dr Andy Martin ( Bournemouth University )

Attempting a science of the social: a new study of barrow cemeteries in Wessex

Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Tuesday 6th March CS Seminar

James Morris ( Bournemouth University )

Archaeological dichotomies – are 'ritual' and 'mundane', relevant concepts?

Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Thursday 29th March BU Lecture Series

Professor Stephen Deutsch (Bournemouth University)

2001: A Space Odyssey: The Missing Score

Venue: TBC, 5.30pm

Tuesday 13th March CS Seminar

Dr Rob Britton (Bournemouth University)

Conserving fisheries: managing fish or the people?

Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Tuesday 20th March CS Seminar

Clare Randall (Bournemouth University)


Venue: CG23, 4.00pm

Tuesday 27th March CS Seminar

Dr Lee Bray (University of Exeter)


Venue: CG23, 4.00pm