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Presentation The Spring Awards Ceremony
Best MSc Forensic student and Best MSc Coastal Zone student

William Drake whose performance on the MSc Coastal Zone Management programme was exemplary, was awarded the Bournemouth Borough Council prize as the best student in 2004-05.

He conducted his MSc Coastal Zone Management placement at Crown Estates in London as part of their marine team. Two main projects which William worked on included reviewing Environmental Assessments submitted for offshore wind farm development and running a consultation for revision of the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee code of practice for sea bed development. The later of these projects provided him with information for his dissertation entitled 'An assessment of the effectiveness of the archaeological component of offshore wind EIAs'. Following William's placement period he continued to work for Crown Estates until gaining a post with the Poole Harbour Commissioners as a Project Officer for Poole Harbour Aquatic Management Plans.