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Professor Adrian Newton edits new book

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Biodiversity Loss and Conservation in Fragmented Forest Landscapes Biodiversity Loss and Conservation  

Biodiversity Loss and Conservation in Fragmented Forest Landscapes: The Forests of Montane Mexico and Temperate South America is a brand new book published by CABIExternal Link.

The book has been edited by Professor Adrian Newton, from the School of Conservation Science. It's a hardback, ISBN number 9781845932619 and has 432 pages and is described by the publishers as follows:
Increasing concern surrounding the loss of natural forests and the decline in biodiversity has lead to a rise in research and policy initiatives in recent years. However, interest has focused primarily on lowland tropical rainforests. Tropical montane and temperate rainforests, which face similar pressures from human activities and play major roles in the livelihood of rural communities, are often ignored.

Biodiversity Loss and Conservation in Fragmented Forest Landscapes is the product of over ten years of intensive field research into the changing montane and temperate rainforests of Mexico and South America. By concentrating on these largely overlooked environments, the studies reported allow for comparative analysis across areas and help identify how human disturbance has impacted the biodiversity of all forest types. Chapters incorporate features of landscape ecology, floristic biodiversity, conservation and policy and vary from in-depth investigations of a single study area to integrated examinations across regions.

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