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New Roman Archaeology programme starts at Bournemouth University

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Roman mosaic What did the Romans ever do for us?  

A new BA programme in Roman Archaeology starts this week at Bournemouth University. The course, with its strong emphasis on practical field skills combined with the distinctive Roman period specialism, is the first of its kind in the UK.

“The study of Roman archaeology is a long and well established discipline” said programme leader Dr Miles Russell “but this new, innovative programme is a very exciting development, bringing core archaeological survey and excavation skills and applying them directly to the Roman and classical past”.

With components encompassing aspects of material and artefact analysis, religion, military studies, urban development, trade and exchange, industrial processes, faunal remains, population data and the examination of early written texts, the three-year degree programme builds on the key strength of Archaeology, Anthropology and Heritage at Bournemouth University, namely its strong emphasis at all levels on applied practical and professional skills.

The new programme takes its place, in the School of Conservation Sciences, alongside the existing courses in Archaeology, Field Archaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology, Forensic Archaeology, Marine Archaeology and Heritage Conservation.

Roman mosaic

Roman mosaic