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Stonehenge Virtual World Exhibition

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Second Life Exploring Second Life  

Virtual World Exhibition: Stonehenge Riverside Project 2007 Artist Residencies.

Designed and constructed by Mark Dover, SRP Data Manager, using images and feedback provided by Dr Helen Wickstead at UCL, who is the Coordinator of the Stonehenge Residencies.

"I've made use of Second life as the vehicle for this virtual exhibition mainly as the chance to create the entire gallery space and exhibits allowed a freedom to explore more dynamic interactions for the visitor," Mark explains. "Exhibits can sense a nearby avatar and communicate directly, as can static images that then morph to a snapshot of a website. It's not all automatic, as visitors can click on display panels to open up individual artist websites, which they can then browse dynamically, or save textual information about each artist.

This link will teleport a visitor directly to the gallery entrance if they're logged into Second Life:

The real world exhibitions that the Second Life experiences are meant to complement, are at the World Archaeological Congress, Dublin, June 29th- July 4th, and at the Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester from July the 25th.