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New paper features in the March issue of Antiquity

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Canada do Inferno rock Canada do Inferno rock; engraved motifs located on the higher part of the panel

School of Conservation Sciences PhD student António Pedro Batarda Fernandes has just published a paper which has been featured in the March issue of Antiquity. You can view the results of his finding online at the Antiquity websiteExternal Link, which is a web version of the publication billed as 'a quarterly review of world archaeology'.

The research paper is entitled Conservation of the Côa Valley rock art outcrops: a question of urgency and priorities.

This project is the subject of a PhD dissertation supervised by Professor Timothy Darvill and funded by a doctoral grant from Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

Contact António Pedro Batarda Fernandes for more details.

Fish motif on the Penascosa rock panel