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BU appoints Professor of Conservation Ecology

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Professor Rudy Gozlan Professor Rudy Gozlan

Rudy Gozlan has been appointed Professor of Conservation Ecology in the School of Conservation Sciences at BU.

Professor Gozlan is based in the Centre for Conservation Ecology and Environmental Change. He has extensive international research experience and numerous publications to his name in the field of aquatic conservation, with a notable emphasis on invasion ecology.

During the summer months of 2010, Professor Gozlan will travel to China to explore the native habitats of the topmouth gudgeon, a species of fish not native to Europe but now prevalent throughout the continent and posing a potential threat by spreading disease to fresh fish stocks.

A graduate in Life Science from the University of Paris VII, Professor Gozlan trained at Roscoff Marine Laboratory and Dolphin research centre in Florida in marine biology.

He has recently been invited by the European Commission to serve as an expert advisor on the use of non-native species in aquaculture. He has also advised the UK's Environment Agency and Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as part of the Regional Fisheries Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee (RFERAC). He is also the assistant editor for the Journal of Fish Biology and Aquatic Invasion.

Before joining BU in 2008, Professor Gozlan was an Ecologist (Senior Scientific Officer) at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Dorset.

"BU is emerging as one of the UK's most important universities for the study of conservation ecology because of the skilled group of academics now based here," said Professor Gozlan. "This professorship raises the profile of that group even higher provides an excellent platform on which to build further research and funding for future projects of benefit to global ecology and the University."

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