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The Truth about King Arthur

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Dr Miles Russell Dr Miles Russell is appearing at this year's Appledore Book Festival

BU archaeologist Dr Miles Russell will explore ‘The Truth about King Arthur’ at this year’s Appledore Book Festival in north Devon.

Dr Russell’s riveting exploration focuses on the work of Geoffrey of Monmouth.  A leading figure in the development of British history, Geoffrey was a clergyman (Bishop of St. Asaph, 1152) who Dr Russell describes as Britain’s earliest best-selling journalist.

Dr. Russell’s digging - both archaeologically and textually – has yielded many golden nuggets of fact from Geoffrey's largely propagandist account of Arthur of Britain, who Geoffrey claimed was a rival to the Heroic early Kings of the rest of Europe.

Dare we call it an early Facebook?

Dr Russell will share his thoughts at 4.00 pm on Friday, 2 October, in St. Mary’s Hall, Appledore, Devon.

Tickets are £4.00 and available online.

For further information, please visit the festival website. 

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