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Coastal Special Issue of The Geographical Journal guest edited by Dr Steve Fletcher

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Dr Steve Fletcher of the Centre for Conservation Ecology and Environmental Change has guest edited a special issue of The Geographical Journal focused on ‘Marine and Coastal Governance in the UK’. The special issue addresses key issues in contemporary coastal and marine governance, including erosion management, adaptation to sea level change, the control of aquaculture, capacity building, and the role of geography in responding to coastal and marine change. Dr Fletcher commented that “the Geographical Journal is one of the leading global-reach journals in geography research and it is a real honour to be given the opportunity to guest edit an issue addressing such important concerns for society”. The full paper listing can be found at:

The Geographical Journal

Blackgang Beach

Blackgang beach (Isle of Wight) illustrates the connection between a healthy coastal system and society. The coastal landslide complex in the picture is the largest in Europe and is threatening development on the cliff top, including residential properties and the Blackganag Chine theme park.