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7th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection

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Slovakia Annual conference convenes in Slovakia  

Paul Cheetham, Kayt Armstrong and Bronwen Russell recently attend the 7th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection held at the Archaeological Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Nitra, Slovakia. The conference is the principal forum for the archaeological geophysics community, and in particular the members of the International Society of Archaeological Prospection (of which the three are members).

Conducted over three days and comprising over 45 oral presentations and 32 poster presentations, the 2007 event was a well organised, friendly conference. In addition to the papers and posters, timetabled discussion sessions were included, in which delegates shared the latest advances in instrumentation, techniques, best practice, and application of geophysical survey to archaeological questions. A major theme was the integration of multiple geophysical techniques and their applications. Another theme focussed on the integration of scientific techniques into wider archaeological analysis and interpretation.

Papers on some very interesting and important technological advances were presented including the use of non-contact electrodes (bentonite plasticine) which allows resistance survey without the need to insert probes, for example on road surfaces, church floors and historic walls. Another presentation on the new SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices) magnetometers which can be used for fast, large-scale and sensitive measurement, resolving weak signals of archaeological responses from co-existent deeper geological formations was of great interest.

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* ISAP Aim: "The object of the Society shall be to advance the education of the public in archaeology (including the man-made landscape and the built-environment) through the promotion of high standards of research, application and communication in the field of archaeological prospection and related studies. The Society's scope shall be international, both in activities and membership."

ISAP Conference

* Bronwen Russell, Paul Cheetham and Kayt Armstrong