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China World heritage advisory work takes place in China

Recent world heritage advisory work at Mt. Sanqing National Park, China

The superb and inspiring granite landscape of Mt Sanqing National Park, Jiangxi Province, China, is the latest subject of advisory work leading to possible World Heritage Site inscription being pursued by Dr Chris Wood.


Technical advice continues to be provided to the Chinese authorities on the building of the nomination of Mt Sanqing for possible submission to UNESCO's World Heritage Centre in February, 2007. The work focusses particularly on substantiating the claim that the geology, biodiversity and landscape of Mt Sanqing are of 'Outstanding Universal Value'.


An international granite geoparks conference, held at Mt Sanqing in late July, enabled a comparison to be made with other important granite sites around the world. Other World Heritage Site nominations on which Chris Wood has provided advice to relevant State Parties and which are currently undergoing evaluation by UNESCO's agent on the natural heritage, the IUCN, are Mt Teide National Park, Tenerife, Spain, and Jeju Island, Korea.

Rock Carving

Chris Wood was also commissioned by the IUCN last December to undertake the field evaluation of the Baltic Klint, Estonia, a candidate geological site important for its Cambrian and Ordovician stratigraphy and palaeontology.