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Professor Adrian Newton returns from workshop in Vietnam

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Vietnam The workshop was part of a research project  

Professor Adrian Newton has recently returned from an international workshop on the wildlife trade, held in Hanoi, Vietnam, June 24-28th 2007.

The workshop was held as part of a research project led by TRAFFICExternal Link (the wildlife trade monitoring network), with funding from the World Bank, focusing on the wildlife trade in SE Asia. Overharvesting of species is one of the most important factors responsible for biodiversity loss in many tropical countries.

In SE Asia, the demand for wildlife resources has increased rapidly in recent years, with harvesting especially affecting wildlife in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Indonesia. Representatives from these four countries met with specialists from throughout the region to examine the success of initiatives that have been undertaken to combat problems including unsustainable harvesting, illegal harvesting and poaching.

The results of the project, which involved a major questionnaire survey, will be profiled in a report to be published by the World Bank in 2008, to which Prof. Newton will be one of the lead authors.