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Students focus display on Wimborne's people

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'Yesterday's Wimborne, Today's History' is on display in the town 'Yesterday's Wimborne, Today's History' is on display in the town

Museum studies students tell the story of people who have made an impact on the history of east Dorset.

A new exhibition created by BU Masters students in Museum Studies provides an insight into the people and personalities who have helped to shape the history of Wimborne Minster in east Dorset

'Yesterday's Wimborne, Today's History' is on display over the coming months at the Priest's House Museum & Garden in the heart of the market town.

From saints to sinners, royalty to the common man, Wimborne has, over the centuries been inextricably linked with people who have made an impact on national and local history. Personalities that feature in the exhibition include Isaac Gulliver, known as the "King of Smugglers", Wessex country author Thomas Hardy and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, credited with founding the World Wide Web. The display also explores the lives of people like Mr Pottle, the photographer, and Mr Harvey, the chemist, who were synonymous with everyday life in Wimborne in the past.

The student exhibition forms part of a reinterpretation of the stationer's shop which is integral to the museum. The shop, run by William Low and his son John, closed in 1872. Its contents were preserved as a time capsule including a collection of over four hundred valentine's cards of national significance, as well as other stationery and tobacconist's wares dating back to 1830.

As well as the many physical objects and photographs of Wimborne on display at the Museum, an accompanying internet site will feature activities aimed at children of all ages.

'Yesterday's Wimborne, Today's History' follows the success of last year's student exhibition, 'Seeds of Change - Food and Farming' as part of the Museum's continuing commitment to support Museum Studies students from BU.

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