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Students Helping with the conservation of Green Winged Orchids at Alderney Water Works

Helping with the conservation of Green Winged Orchids at Alderney Water Works.

Students from Bournemouth University continue to help with the conservation of green winged orchids (Orchis morio) at Alderney Water Works. The Green Winged Orchid is a reltively rare species in Dorset and yet, over the last few decades, the turf on one of the covered reservoirs at the Water Works has developed a large population of the orchids. The students are involved in an ongoing project to monitor efforts to save this valuable population.

Students surveying

Recently compiled figures for mid-Summer 2006 have revealed that the population count for this year is 8238, so it would appear that the collection of Orchids is well on the way to making a complete recovery. This follows on from when the collection had to be temporarily removed while the roof of the Water Works was replaced, back in 2003, with the collection being removed to adjacent land.

Since being placed back in its original location during March 2004, the Orchids have been carefully monitored. Each subsequent release of statistics shows a burgeoning collection which is increasing year on year and which, it is hoped, will eventually surpass the original 10753 figure collected prior to the roof replacement.

Students and Angela Garcia

The photo is of the students with Mrs Angela Garcia, from Alderney Water Works. The project is also in collaboration with Mr Robin Walls.

For further information please contact Dr Anita Diaz