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National Geographic Top Ten Archaeology Sites

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Stonehenge The Stonehenge Riverside project

Top ten archaeology finds: Most Read of 2008

National Geographic recently revealed the top ten most read Archaeology Finds of 2008 and a BU collaboration was featured in the top five.

Lost cities, baffling pyramids, and ancient graveyards are just some of the mysteries covered in National Geographic News's most viewed archaeology stories of 2008, but coming in at number 4 was the Stonehenge dig (Stonehenge Riverside project) which has been featured heavily in the media over the course of the last twelve months.

The Stonehenge Riverside Project is a seven year archaeological investigation of the Stonehenge area and is supported by the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration. (The National Geographic Society owns National Geographic News.)

To view the story they ran along with getting a detailed insight into the dig plus pictures and video then head along the National Geographic news pages.