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Charlene Steele Charlene Steele working at Stonehenge

Recent Archaeology graduates Michael Purturno, Charlene Steele and Lawrence Shaw, under the direction of Dr Kate Welham, have been a vital part of the current Stonehenge Riverside Project work within Stonehenge.

“Charlene and Lawrence, our Surveying Supervisors, have done a fantastic job in support of the recent excavation undertaken by Julian Richards, Mike Pitts and Mike Parker-Pearson, “according to Mark Dover, SRP Data Manager. “ Michael's work on the geophysical survey, carried out before excavation began was crucial in confirming the location of Aubrey Hole 7.  He was ably supported by current student Martin Bailey”

The recent excavations were carried out to examine and retrieve the fragmented human remains from many individuals, placed within the excavated Aubrey Hole by 1930 archaeologists. These were recovered from the excavations carried out in Stonehenge in the early twentieth century, now advances in modern techniques and technology allow further research.

In the wider scope of the project, 17 trenches are still underway over the surrounding landscape, with survey, geophysical, finds and environmental contributions by further current and recently graduated Bournemouth Students, Mary-Anne Fairhurst, Chris Fisher, Tanya Gibson, Ellen Gray, Jennie Lancelot, Joanne Lee, Nikki Mcconville, Tamsyn Moreton, Edwin Pearson, and Alice Smith.

Charlotte Steele