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Pollution Plans for this event have now been unveiled

Environmental Forensics Conference in April 2007

Bournemouth University will host an international conference on Environmental Forensics in April 2007

Environmental forensics is an emerging discipline drawing together broad cross-sections of the earth and environmental science communities with those of environmental chemistry, policy and law. At one end of the spectrum it encompasses all aspects of pollution and contamination within the environmental media of air, water, soil and biota through the area accident investigation and health & safety compliance, to the other end which focuses on the role of environmental evidence in a criminal context. In short all aspects of the environment that have a legal context fall within Environmental Forensics.

Our environment is increasingly regulated and environmental scientists are being asked to ensure due diligence, corporate governance, and assess such concepts as environmental sustainability and liability a well as to police legal and regulatory frameworks and present environmental data within their context. Through a series of sessions with key note speakers the conference will explore this emerging discipline and the legal context in which environmental scientists, geoscientist and environmental chemists now work.

The aim of the event is to involve both those in academic and professional practice in order to blend a range of expertise and experience.

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If you would like to receive further information or present at the conference then please register your details via our online form.

It is anticipated that the daily delegate rate for non-speakers will be £70 or £150 for the full event and for speakers £50 or £100 for the full event, excluding accommodation.

Full details and payment information will be available in the second circular. Exhibition space is also available for rent at a flat fee of £250 for the whole event. Please use our online form to submit your details.