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CRANID A 3-day masterclass on the estimation of ancestry from crania

Professor Richard Wright will lead a masterclass on the estimation of ancestry from crania, demonstrating the theory, practical implementation and interpretation of his CRANID software. The event will be held between the 15th and 17th of December, 2008.

CRANID is a computer package that allows estimation of likely ancestry of an unknown cranium. It has a database that is larger than Fordisc's and uses both linear and nearest neighbour discriminant analysis. The latter has the advantage of bypassing assumptions about the database that are required by linear discriminant analysis.

Specialists in physical anthropology, osteology, bio-archaeology and forensic and biological anthropology will benefit from undertaking theoretical and practical sessions on using CRANID. The majority of the course will be practically based in our dedicated osteology laboratory.

Places for the event are very limited so to book yours and find out more information, click here.