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Lyme Regis landslide The massive landslide near Lyme Regis  

A team of specialists from the School of Conservation Sciences have aided the emergency response to a massive landslide at Lyme Regis. Over 400 metres of the Jurassic Coastline collapsed onto the beach to the east of Lyme Regis on 6th May. The remains of a landfill tip, dating back to the Victorians, also slid down onto the beach.

Lyme Regis landslip

A team of scientists surveyed the extent of both the land slip and the waste fan immediately after the incident. This data has been used by West Dorset District Council to asses the likelihood of further slides and the extent of the remaining landfill. Soils samples were also taken by the team to determine if the waste pile was hazardous to members of the public. The Lyme Regis-Charmouth section of the Jurassic Coast is a popular destination for fossil hunters.

Lyme Regis landslip